Degree in Natural Science (ETH), Biochemist

Stefan is an acknowledged expert in health care. He has a broad expertise in biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical technology and many years of experience. He studied biochemistry at the University in Tübingen, received his degree at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (Technical University) in Zurich and earned his doctorate in a pharmacological research group with a thesis on the regulation of G protein-coupled hormone receptors. He rounded off his qualification with a second degree in business. Following his doctorate in biochemistry at the University in Munich, he first worked as an assistant professor at the University Odense (Denmark) on applications of quantitative proteomics and ESI mass spectrometry in tumour research and subsequently was doing research for the Canadian-Danish biotech company MDS Proteomics. Attracted by the perspective to combine specialised know-how and money and in order to trigger future-oriented investments, Stefan joined the financial industry in 2005. As an analyst at SES Research (today: Warburg Research) he covered the life sciences sector for several years. In this function, he significantly supported M.M. Warburg bank to complete several capital measures and IPO of biotech and medtech companies and was also responsible for the evaluation of private equity investments. Stefan has been part of the Montega team since 2010.

Sector: Health Care (biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical technology)