Our operations are characterised by excellent research, frequent communication with the company’s decision-makers, regular roadshow activities as well as targeted field trips. The satisfaction among our customers speaks for itself:

We have a competent and reliable partner in Montega. In-depth analyses, many contacts to institutional investors as well as an active press work – this is what the company primarily stands for.

Thomas Müllerschön, CEO of Uzin Utz AG

Not only does Montega’s research cover shares that are outside the mainstream, it also establishes contacts with companies that are not easily accessible.

Martin Wirth, Management of FPM Frankfurt Performance Management AG

Reputable research, proven and interesting investor contacts as well as smart ideas – this is what has convinced us. We enjoy working with Montega AG in capital market matters.

Rolf Wöhrle, CFO of Sto SE & Co. KGaA

Montega brings top-class companies to Hamburg, which you can otherwise only meet in financial metropolises. The access to management provided by Montega is very valuable for us and a component in our investment process.

Frank Lübberstedt, Management of Ehrke & Lübberstedt AG

We have a partner in Montega who pointedly illustrates complex matters and prepares it for the capital market in a comprehensible way. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have convinced many new shareholders of the advantages of an investment in Hochdorf.

Marcel Gavillet, CFO of Hochdorf AG

When it comes to second-line stocks we rely on the capacities of Montega, as they have both high-quality research and an excellent access to the company’s management.

Frank Elze, Portfolio Manager UBS Global Asset Management

Montega has first-class contacts to investors across Germany. Thanks to the roadshows offered by Montega we have not only significantly improved the awareness level of our equity story but have also acquired a couple of new shareholders.

Christoph Petri, CEO of Ringmetall AG